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Christmas Fair and Student Exhibition

On Sunday 19th November the hubby, children and I threw open the doors to embrace the festive season! I have to confess that I was unbelievably nervous and exhausted as it is the first time that we have hosted anything like this in our home.

Ahead of the big day I spent an entire fortnight creating pottery just for the event, which included night shifts and 8 firings in the kiln as well as chronic insomnia! To say that my nerves were frayed is an understatement! Whenever I actually slept I was having recurring nightmares that no-one would come and that I would be found wandering the streets handing out mince pies and Christmas decorations whilst wearing my pottery apron! And when I couldn't sleep, instead of counting sheep I had allocated every single piece of pottery as Christmas and birthday presents for the next 10 years to my long suffering family and friends in case no-one bought anything!

However, people did come and we had a steady stream of visitors for 4 hours. They drank mulled wine and prosecco and nibbled on mince pies whilst perusing the ceramics on sale and the gorgeous work of my students this term. It was an informal, friendly day and I got to meet lots of new people, including some neighbours that we have only ever managed to say a brief hello to since we moved in to our house in May.

So thank you...

Thank you to everyone who came on the day.

Thank you for all the wonderful things you said about my work.

Thank you for loving the amazing ceramics that my beginner students have made this term just as much as I do (I am so proud of them all, I'm clucking like a mother hen!)

And most importantly, thank you for encouraging me to follow my dream. You are all so wonderful and I am overwhelmed that my little business that only started a few months ago had such a great response, it truly brings tears to my eyes.

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