We have a variety of pottery classes to chose from...

Weekly Courses

Join us at Lemon Studio for our contemporary pottery classes where you can chill out and create something beautiful.

Ongoing classes are held on Wednesday mornings from 10am - 12 noon, Thursday afternoons from 1pm - 3pm and Thursday evenings from 7pm - 9pm.

All skill levels are welcome, Jeni will guide you through basic hand building techniques to more complex pottery forms, whilst enabling you to work on individual projects of your choice.

Classes cost £120 for 6 sessions including materials. 

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Painting Pottery

'Excellent set up and a very welcoming class.

I like the way we can develop our own ideas

and have as much input and advice as we

needed / wanted from the tutor.

Highly recommended!'

Ceramic Taster Sessions

Never tried pottery? Would you like to have a go but feel nervous?


The most frequent thing that I hear from people when we talk about ceramics is that they would like to have a go, but they are worried because they are not artistic enough.

Well do not fear, I have created this one just for you...

The Ceramic Taster Sessions are a series of two lessons that will introduce you to ceramics and enable you to have a go at making your own pottery.

The first lesson will provide you with a basic understanding of the clay, glazing and firing process and you will have plenty of time to make your own pottery with an experienced ceramic artist on hand to provide demonstrations and guide you.

The second lesson will take place 2 -3 weeks later to allow your work time to dry out fully before the first bisque firing.  During the second lesson you will surface decorate your pottery with glaze ready for the final glaze firing. 

Your pottery will be available for collection a week after the second course.

Taster sessions cost £80pp in total for the 2 lessons. Materials and firings are included.  

These make excellent presents and gift vouchers are dispatched when you book the course.

Can I bring a friend?

Yes! There are 2 fantastic Shimpo Wheels so you can have a joint throwing class with a friend. We often have seasonal offers for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas etc. so keep you eye out!

With regards to hand building, the more the merrier, the classroom can accommodate up to 14 people or slightly smaller groups when social distance measures are in place.

Pottery Workshop