This voucher entitles you to two private lessons and materials to introduce you to ceramics and enable you to have a go at making your own pottery. You can choose from handbuilding or throwing on the wheel.


The first lesson will provide you with a basic understanding of the clay, glazing and firing process and you will have plenty of time to make your own pottery with an experienced ceramic artist on hand to guide you and provide demonstrations.  


The second lesson will take place 2 - 3 weeks later to allow your work to dry out fully before the first 'bisque' firing/  During the second lesson you will surface decorate your pottery with glazes ready for the final glaze firing. 


Your pottery will be available for collection a couple of weeks after the second course.


For throwing courses a maximum of 2 people can book per session, please note that the price is £80 per person. A gift voucher will be issued which is valid for 6 months, please get in touch when you are ready to book. 


All materials and firings are included 

CERAMICS TASTER SESSION – 2 x 1 hour private lesson (incl. materials)